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Women Empowerment

RPC has been strongly working on holistic women empowerment as a means to family and community development.

RPC has adopted several development approaches to address multifaceted and deep-rooted challenges of women and girls in Ethiopia. Self Help Group (SHG) approach is one of the development approaches that served the holistic development of women and the community. RPC adopted this approach in2007 in Adama and Addis Ababa.

RPC identified and empowered more than 6,000most destitute family headed women through the SHG approach in Oromia Region, Adama and its catchments areas and Addis Ababa City Administration’s Yeka Subcity. The women have mobilized group saving more than 6.4 million birr and revolved among themselves selvesloan amount more than 16.6 million birr. This loan has transformed their lives to engage in business activities. In this process, these women have generated a group capital amount of 9.6 million birr. In these years, they have generated and utilized an income estimated to 609 million birr for their children and family. They have fed, clothed and educated more than 9,700 children and sustained the lives of at least 14,600 intimate and extended family members.

Moreover, these women have become influential community leaders; counselors; reconcilers; business owners; community development workers; women, children, and human rights advocators; community welfare advocators; peacekeepers; local authority para-workers; and so many.
Key services of RPC that contributed to the achievements are:


Since its establishment, RPC has been serving with key thematic areas of Community Empowerment, Education, Nutrition, Health, IGA/SHG and Rehabilitation programs.

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